Why Telecom?

All over the world today, Airtime and Data subscriptions are top priorities and as essential as oxygen. Since the emergence of GSM and convergence of Internet technology services, telecommunication services has been the alternative to deliver on our daily activities. Telecom influences every sphere of lives today and speedily taking control of all activities in the future.

Banking, Social Media, Logistics, Education, Health, Security, and many other utilities cannot deliver on their activities without telecom services. New Normal approaches of many business operations has kept the revenue of telecommunications on daily increase as Individuals and Corporate Bodies has opted to Internet supports systems and Voice calls as alternative to deliver on their daily assignments.


Why Choose Us?

  • Opportunities

    S.Mobile desired to provide job opportunities and empowerment to the society hence developing and launching of E-Payment platforms where people make their Data subscription on daily basis at affordable prices.

  • Partnership

    S.Mobile in its nature of being proactive, studied the large untapped market in telecommunication business and rapid growth of product demands, offers Trade Partnership opportunities to Individuals and Corperate Bodies, being mindful of the fact that lack of adequate availability can lead to zero customer retention thereby, leaving its clientele to the clogs of competitors.

  • Security

    We work with competent professionals that has requisite proficiency to deliver. We retain the services of reputable Insurance Companies and all our assets and products are comprehensively insured.

  • Market Share

    S.Mobile market has gained penetration in many cities and States in Nigeria following the development and launching of several websites and platforms for trading on telecom products and services, in addition to the clientele base of Brick and Mortars.



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